Wine and Cheese Weekend

After wandering around the farmer’s market and the wine festival for a bit we decided to head into one of my all time favorite places to go in NB.  There is this beautiful little cheese shop in downtown New Braunfels, Gourmage, that we make sure to stop at every time we are in town.  The owners are extremely knowledgeable and do a wonderful job recommending cheese pairings. Every time we go in we spend at least an hour sampling and talking.  They have a very nice display of chocolates as well as oil’s and wines.  This store is just perfect and should not be missed on your next trip.

As Nat talked about earlier we tend to head to NB during the off season, last time we were in town was over the Christmas holiday.  All 13 of us had gotton up a bit late and by the time everyone had showered, dressed and headed into town for breakfast we had missed it.  Go figure.  So to kill time in between all of the restaurants shutting down breakfast and preparing for lunch we wandered into Gourmage.  My family loves cheese and it is a pre dinner staple to have a cheese spread.  Gourmage is not huge and we we pretty much took over the place.  We are also a pretty loud family and talk over each other constantly but the owners managed us and any other patron that walked in with grace and patience.  We sampled cheese like crazy and walked out of the store loaded down with fabulous finds.  Natalie and I bought some amazing cheese for our New Years party and everybody bought a different type for later that evening.  (we are always planning the next meal, even before the first one…)  I love that my family is obsessed with food.

As wonderful as corn dogs on a stick are I would much rather have this beautiful tasty panini.  During the wine festival Gourmage had hourly tasting of different types of paninis but I convinced the very kind

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