Best Marijuana Recipes

Edibles are one of the best ways to consume marijuana. Also, some of the people prefer edibles instead of smoking. However, some people also like to do experiments and prepare their own weed recipe. Cooking with cannabis is a great way to bring creativity to the table. 

Cooking with cannabis is a great pleasure, and also an effective way to get inspired in the kitchen along with acquiring the great high of your weed. Apart from this, there are various other positive effects of Marijuana Recipes:

1. You don’t need great knowledge about cooking for weed recipes. 

2. As soon as you learn to cook weed edibles, you will have a healthier alternative to smoking pot.

3. Cooking with marijuana butter provides you an option for making yummy food from baking pot cookies to weed brownies and weed candy which gives medical effects of marijuana, such as pain relief and also to fight against cancer.

4. Cooking using cannabis butter is still legal sometimes however weed smoking is still illegal.

5. The effects of cannabis recipes come slower however it lasts more time as compared to smoked marijuana.

In order to cook marijuana recipes, you have to purchase a weed grow box, then only you will be able to cook recipes. Now, here we will provide you with the list of Best 5 Marijuana Recipes which you can make recipes with much effort.

1. Canna Butter

Weed-infused butter is a great recipe to learn. Even though you will not eat it yourself, it consists of a great ingredient to use in other recipes. To prepare this, firstly grind up your marijuana, add it in a saucepan with 1-liter water and 250g of butter, keep it on a low simmer and then stir it up. You have to simmer it for minimum 3 hours or more based on how things are going. When it’s prepared you will a separate layer of oil floating on the top. If water becomes too low before this occurs, add some more in.

As soon as this point is reached, enable the mixture to cool a bit and then stain it in a bigger bowl. This thing will eliminate any plant matter. Lastly, put the bowl in fridge to solidify and in the morning you will get layers of cannabis butter.

2. Cannabis Tea

This edible is really quick. In order to make this, you will require cannabis butter. To prepare, brew up a cup of tea and then stir it using a teaspoon of cannabis butter. To make it sweet, add some honey and milk and your delicious tea is ready in no time.

3. Cannabis Ice Cream

Cannabis-infused Ice Cream is the best way to end the meal. To prepare this, insert 500ml of double cream in a saucepan and heat it on medium temperature till the time it reaches a simmer. In a separate pan, melt 50grams of cannabis butter with 75grams of cannabis sugar. 

Now, mix up some fruits such as bananas or strawberries in a bowl. Then, add all the things together and mix it properly. Lastly, pour it in a big container and put it in the fridge for the whole night.

4. Cannaoil

Weed-infused oil is a great way to turn any recipe into a delicious edible. To make this, you have to decarboxylate your weed in an oven. Then you have to put that weed in a saucepan with oil, and then strain it with the remaining bud, thus leaving you with a great cannaoil useful for cooking.

5. Cannabis Brownie

It is one of the easiest edible. To prepare this, you will require a brownie mix which requires oil. Firstly, the oil needs to get infused with cannabis. Grid up 4-18grams of cannabis. Put it in a saucepan and add enough amount of oil as per instructions. Heat it for 30 minutes along with stirring it for 2-3 times. Lastly, follow the instructions as said and your brownie is prepared.

So, these were the 5 Best Marijuana Recipes which you can prepare at your home. If you like this, then please share it with your friends. 

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