Valentine’s Day Couples Dinner (Appetizer)

We are having our first official snow/ice day in Dallas this year and I’m taking the opportunity to try out one of the appetizers I plan to make for the Valentines Dinner.  I realize half of the country is totally making fun us Texans’ with our silly weather but we really don’t handle this stuff well.  We were not […]

Christmas Meal – Dessert

If you haven’t been following along, I’ve been showing a relatively easy holiday meal that anyone can serve this Christmas.  We started out with a colorful salad and a homemade champagne vinaigrette and then I followed that up with our main course, cranberry chicken.  Now, I give you dessert!  I tried to keep it simple…crumbs or crisps are pretty […]

Blackberry Picking & Refreshing Mojitos

I went on a fun little adventure the other weekend.  My good friends Natalie from Natalie’s Killer Cuisine and Joy from Joylicious invited me to go blackberry picking with them at Duck Creek Blackberry Farm.  They got me all excited about the trip before telling me what time we’d have to leave to make the hour-long drive.  Yeah, they’re sneaky that way…that’s why […]