Well, here we are…goofing off as usual.  Of course, we don’t normally wear wedding dresses!  Our Suburban Sister, Tiffany, is on the left.  Emily, one of the City Sisters, is in the middle, and I am on the right.  I, being Natalie, the other City Sister.  The image was taken down in Houston in May of 2009 during a photo session with our photographer and friend, the beautiful Jen Culotta.  My sisters and I planned this huge (and very hard to keep secret) gift for our mom.  We called it Operation:  Make Mom Cry!  I was getting ready to be married in June and wanted to do something special for my parents.  Our mom has always been obsessed with having pictures taken of her three girls.  We even had to take one of the three of us in our high school letter jackets…even though two of us were already in college.  It was totally embarrassing!  So in keeping with tradition, it was time for another sister portrait.  Tiffany and Emily, being the wonderful sisters that they are, dusted off their wedding dresses and we all headed to Houston for the big shoot.  It was a day that none of us will ever forget.  We made quite a scene down in Hermann Park.  I guess people aren’t used to seeing three women in wedding dresses strolling down the sidewalk.  Strange.  Well, we kept the whole thing a secret for another month and then surprised our mom with one of the pictures at my rehearsal dinner in June.  And as I’m sure you’ve already guessed…Operation:  Make Mom Cry was a huge success!  Whoa baby were there tears!

So now that I’ve explained the picture, I guess I should talk more about us.  We grew up in a family of seven, but after a few weddings and pregnancies we are now a family of twelve.  We all live in Texas (Dallas, Houston, and Lubbock) and North Carolina (tear rolling down cheek), and truly enjoy having family so close…especially when someone needs help laying tile, moving houses, installing arbors or basically any other job involving hard labor.  We all love to cook, entertain, eat, drink, travel, laugh, and tease.  We work very hard in our day jobs and live for the moments where we can relax with family and pop a few corks.  We’re going to use this blog to share our recipes and entertaining ideas with anyone who cares to read about them.  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you’ll enjoy cooking with us in the City!